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Capital Market Vision is a service for active traders who want and need daily market charts and analysis during the trading day (with occasional intraday updates). CMV provides traders detailed information, charts, and commentary to provide a better understanding of the market's moves, which then helps identify trading setups.

This isn’t a service that simply gives signals about when to trade without understanding why. Since only you can assess the risk to your account, you have to understand why a trade makes sense, or not, for you.

Subscribers get a wealth of usable, practical knowledge about technical analysis tools and techniques for a variety of financial markets – stocks, bonds, commodities and currencies.

Please note that this service has been suspended until further notice (effective February 5, 2018)

The site is now used for occasional blog posts to update readers about what I'm seeing in the market. You can review all posts by selecting the Analysis button:

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The information you’ll glean from CapitalMarketVision will quickly return your subscription investment. Studying one great chart, reading a thorough analysis, or having a better understanding of just one piece of technical information will make your trades more profitable, which could pay for your subscription multiple times over.

Contact us at CMV Support if you have any questions.