About Capital Market Vision

Don't trade without understanding why

Capital Market Vision (CMV) is a financial markets education site created by Keene Little, CMT, that provides information about technical analysis for stocks, bonds, commodities and currencies. Keene writes both intra-day live commentary and nightly market wraps. Click here to see Keene's bio.

CMV's goal is to provide a road map for trades by showing charts with trade setup opportunities along with the analysis that supports them and key levels and turning points so you can make the best decision for your account.

This isn’t a service that simply gives signals about when to trade without understanding why. Since only you can assess the risk to your account, you have to understand why a trade makes sense, or not, for you.

CMV analyzes the various financial markets and how they relate to one another, reporting on them both during the day and in the nightly market wrap.

As a CMV subscriber, you interact with professional traders and each other to discuss market action as it’s happening and then get an overview that sums it all up at the end of each day.

The Tools You Need

Complete trade management techniques

Capital Market Vision provides you with trade management techniques, technical analysis, and charts prepared by a professional chartered market technician (CMT) using various technical tools.

With these tools and more, Keene Little, CMT shows traders how to build their own charts and develop their own analysis to create a road-map for successful trades.

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Tools & Techniques

  • Elliott Wave Theory
  • Fibonacci ratios
  • Trend lines and channels
  • Oscillators (momentum indicators)
  • Gann Square of Nine charts
  • Sentiment indicators
  • Market breadth

Keene Little's Philosophy

Capital Market Vision is an educational and informational site for experienced traders and for those who want to learn more about technical analysis. The content is based on Keene’s philosophy — give a man a fish and feed him for a day but teach a man to fish and feed him for life.

Rather than providing traders with specific trading advice about how or when to enter or exit a specific trade, CMV provides the decision-making tools necessary to create a personal “roadmap” for each trader to decide his or her own way. CMV will offer specific trading ideas with the chart reviews so that the educational material can be better understood, especially for risk management.

CMV will report a variety of entry and exit points for trades set-ups for both bullish and bearish plays, however each trader must decide which particular road they will take to get to their own destination.

Using a variety of technical tools to create charts and provide analysis, CMV provides information such as support and resistance, entry points and stop levels, price patterns, Fibonacci ratios, trend lines, comparisons between indexes/commodities/currencies, and more, so that each trader can discern their own entry and exit points for trades that meet their personal profit targets based on their particular trading style.

Keene may use his own trades as representative examples of a particular strategy but such examples should not be misconstrued as trading advice. Each example is for educational purposes to highlight a particular concept.