Subscription provides nightly market wraps three times per week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday/Saturday) and occasional intraday updates.

The nightly market wrap is an analysis of the financial markets at the end of the trading day and includes chart reviews select major stock indexes, commodities, currencies and bonds (as warranted) to analyze inter-market relationships and their effect on your trading decisions. The focus is on the current trading day’s activities with projections about what to expect for the coming days/weeks. In addition to the nightly market wraps there will be occasional intraday updates to highlight important market-moving events and point out some important trade setups.

Each wrap includes:

• results of price changes for market indexes and market breadth
• discussion of market news and what is moving the market
• multiple charts with trade set-up opportunities
• pivot point tables
• price forecasts (key price levels) and/or projections for what to expect in the days and weeks to come
• thorough, detailed analysis of price patterns and market actions
• education on the use of many of the technical analysis tools available to traders and how to make them work for you

This service has been suspended until further notice, effective February 5, 2017

Contact us at CMV Support if you have any questions.

You will still have access through your paid-for period (or to the end of your 2-week trial period if a new subscriber and you cancel before your first payment is due).